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It’s a day just like the one a year ago. Last year, Michigan broke the record for the most snow. This year, the record was longest cold. It’s been so cold all winter, and today, today the temperature broke. Last year, this same day, the snow clouds vanished and the sun came out and a spring breeze brushed your face for the last time.  

Then you died. 

This year, the clouds are broken, the low temps are broken, and it’s teasing of spring. It’s teasing like you’re here.

You never came back. Or, not yet. I really kept thinking you would. The day you died, I stood in the bathroom and cried while everyone was at the table was trying to eat pizza and salad and go on because that’s what you do. Anyway, I was crying the kind of lost cry where everything hurts and you don’t think it will be any better, and you can’t really breathe, but then a thought popped in my head that made me relief from the pain – I thought you’d just come back. You’d come back as a ghost, I guess, and everything would be all right and go on as it once was. I kept telling myself I didn’t have to tell anyone, but I could still have my life with you.

It’s kind of arrogant, really. Why should I get you back? Doesn’t nearly everyone wish for their loved ones back when they die? I know the dead don’t come back, not really, not in the capacity that relieved my crying for the moment in the bathroom that day. I always thought I would have more tangible proof that my dead loved ones were nearby. I guess it doesn’t work that way.

I’m glad the temperatures broke today. I’ll get to take a walk. And even if I don’t have the tangible proof that you’re here, too, I can pretend I’m walking with you.

I guess I don’t have to tell anyone that, either.


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Ahoy! :wave:
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I got your note about changing accounts a while ago, and since I could read it without opening it I read it only when I was sure you'd made your new account. :la:
KbBaggins Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I've read that message 3 times and I still don't understand what you mean. (About the opening and reading thing, not about the new account.)

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I appreciate it very much :hug:
Greetings from across the ocean...
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Anytime! :) There's probably more to come as I sift through my old account.
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